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Lee Levis Feb 26, 2008 - 7:26 AM

Im a client of Prof-UIS 2.70.
I found some problem with using CExtControlBar,and i searched in forum but without such solution.

Problem Description:
In order to put several toolbars and a view object in one controlbar.I extend one class from CExtControlBar,and done following steps:
1.Place one CExtResizableDialog on the controlbar.
2.Put toolbars and view object in the dialog.

In the Prof-UIS help document,there is no method to AddAnchor for dynamic created objects,what could i do to make the inner objects auto-resize as the controlbar resizes?

I tried to resize my inner objects in WM_SIZE messahe of controlbar,but when the controlbar is in auto-hide status,and resize the panel,my inner objects did not change because this action did not trigger the CExtControlBar’s WM_SIZE massage.Im confused with this.

Technical Support Feb 27, 2008 - 6:41 AM

A control bar automatically resizes only one child window. So your windows hierarchy should be the following: First create a control bar, then create a child dialog inside it and then put any controls, toolbars or view into the child dialog.

The CExtWA template contains several overloaded versions of the AddAnchor() method including the methods which get an HWND instead of a dialog control identifier. So you are free to use this method with any dynamically created windows including views.