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Finn Arildsen Dec 20, 2007 - 3:15 PM


When I do a print preview in your sample application "Simple Grids", I get a result where some columns are missing in the printout because the printout is brutally "truncated" at the right margin of the page. Frankly speaking, this printout would not be very useful for a user. Why does it not flow over several pages if it doesn’t fit across one page?

When I do a print preview of one of the grids in my own application, I notice that there is no relationship whatsoever between the relative widths of the columns in the "screen version" of the grid, and the "printed" version. The printed version uses very narrow columns where text flows over several lines even when there is plenty of room across the page, and where the same column is wide enough to fit the text in one line in the grid on the screen.

So, two issues:

1 What goes wrong in the printed version of "Simple grids"?

2 How do I control the column widths of the printed version of a grid so that I can make the printout look reasonable.

Actually, I have a couple of additional wishes:

1) I would like to see gridlines printed on the printed version. I would also like to be able to control page margins and page headers.
2) A means to control the page margins, and page headers and footers. This is essential in producing reports that are useful.

Thanks in advance for your consideration.

best regards,

Finn Arildsen Dec 27, 2007 - 4:13 PM

I am pleased to hear about an improved printing and print preview subsystem. When approximately do you expect this improvement to be available?

All of the printer models that I have installed on my system generate incorrectly paginated grids, these drivers include HP ColorLaserJet 2550 PS and HP PCL, HP LaserJet 1022, Microsoft XPS Document Writer etc. I’ll be happy to provide you with screenshots from print preview if this helps.

Technical Support Dec 24, 2007 - 10:47 AM

We are working on an improved printing and print preview subsystem including printing grid lines which are currently can be implemented through custom painted cell classes only. It would be very helpful if you provide us with some information about printer models whose drivers allow to see incorrectly generated print out and print preview content.