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Stefan Reusch Aug 29, 2007 - 12:35 PM

It is possible to create a behavior like from codejock.
I need a UI thats use only dockable dialogs/controls without a main view, that is used on SDI DynamicBars sample.

Stefan Reusch Sep 1, 2007 - 11:36 AM

I mean with not "practicable/user unfriendly" that we have a big number of users (ca. 7-8 million) and our goal is to change the old UI which based on Windows 98 controls and themes to a new UI system. Now, why i thing the prof-uis solution is user unfriendly in our situation, that users are very unhappy and confused about big changes in our and other application too and i thing a tab container is very flexible, but also very untypical. I have the suspicion that many users have problems or need support to understand this big change in user control. We have not a big support team and i think many users are confused about the advantages that he can dock the bars on the windows sites and in a tab container.

Technical Support Sep 4, 2007 - 5:26 AM

Thank you for the clarification. We believe the Microsoft Office has and already has had years ago more than 8 million of users. This software has remained a leader in UI design all these years. In the case of your software, you can use paint manager 2000 in Prof-UIS and your application will have a look of years 1995-2001. You can let the users to select more modern UI theme optionally. The tabbed interface should be much more friendlier than the MDI interface or any other interface because tabs really help to see what happens on the screen. You can send us (to the support mail box at this web site) an overview of your software design and what you want or do not want to see in it so we can analyze your requirement and offer an appropriate design for you.

Stefan Reusch Aug 31, 2007 - 12:17 PM

ok, thanks. i have seen your implementation of tab page container and i dont like it. is not practicable in my opinion and very user unfriendly. my best implemention is, when the last control bar use the full size like the view in your way, but the view is in my application never the same. Thats is realy to bad. I like prof-uis, but i think we must buy codejock, because i dont like to code a own implemention of this.

Technical Support Sep 1, 2007 - 9:59 AM

Of course, everyone should decide himself which toolset is better for him. We do not know what may have confused you but using the CExtTabPageContainerWnd could never be easier. Although its API is made as simple as possible, if you app is SDI, you should only create a tab page container as the main SDI view and you will never have to use its API. Each of your view windows will have its own dynamic control bar. You could put the content of your views in dynamic control bars so they remain the same as in your app. Sorry, but your message is too short so we cannot really understand what you mean by "not practicable/user unfriendly".

Technical Support Aug 31, 2007 - 10:13 AM

It’s not possible to create a UI with control bars and without the main SDI view window or without the MDI client area window. But it’s possible to create a UI which consist of control bars only. If you app is SDI, you should create a tab page container window as the main SDI view window. The MDI interface does not require anything special, so you don’t need any MDI child frame/document/view classes at all. Your project should use dynamic resizable control bars. The CMainFrame::OnCreate() method should create all the needed dynamic resizable control bars and switch some of them into document mode when some others can be initially docked, hidden, auto hidden or floating. This will guarantee the surface of the main frame window will be entirely covered by control bars. The SDI_DynamicBars and MDI_DynamicBars sample applications can be used as start-up project in your task, but in the case of <span class="newgeen"MDI_DynamicBars</span> you should remove MDI child frame and view classes which are not based on dynamic resizable control bars.