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Forums » Prof-UIS General Discussion » OnButtonPressed() override not firing for CExtGridCellRadioButton overriden class Collapse All
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ArgUser User Dec 4, 2007 - 2:24 AM

I have created a simple CExtGridCellRadioButton overriden class (below) but the ’OnButtonPressed’ member is NOT being called.
Yes, I have the IMPLEMENT_DYNCREATE(RadioButty, CExtGridCellRadioButton ) defined above any IFDEF DEBUG macros
Also, I am putting this into a CExtTreeGridWnd derived grid.

???why is OnButtonPressed() not being called???


class CRadioButty:
    public CExtGridCellRadioButton


IMPLEMENT_ExtGridCell_Clone( RadioButty, CExtGridCellRadioButton );

RadioButty(CExtGridDataProvider * pDP = NULL): CExtGridCellRadioButton(pDP) {}


virtual void

    OnButtonPressed(CExtGridWnd & wndGrid,

                INT nButtonType,

                const RECT & rcCellExtra,

                const RECT & rcCell,

                LONG nVisibleColNo,

                LONG nVisibleRowNo,

                LONG nColNo,

                LONG nRowNo,

                INT nColType,

                INT nRowType)
// note this override is NOT called!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
CString msg;

msg.Format(_T("Pressed at col = [%d] row = [%d]"), nColNo, nRowNo);



virtual bool
INT nButtonType,
bool * p_bEnabled,
bool * p_bPressed = NULL,
bool * p_bStayPressed = NULL,
UINT * p_nTimerElapseValue = NULL
) const
// note this override is NOT called!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
return false;

Technical Support Dec 4, 2007 - 6:56 AM

CExtGridCell*** cells support three built-in buttons that can be displayed in the right part of the cell:

  • an up-down button
  • a drop-down button
  • an ellipsis button
So any combination of these buttons can be displayed or hidden. The CExtGridCell::OnButtonPressed() virtual method is invoked to notify that the button is pressed. Please note the built-in buttons are not supported in CExtGridCellRadioButton. If you want to catch the event of changing the check mark state in a CExtGridCellRadioButton grid cell, you should override the CExtGridCell::ModifyStyle() virtual method and determine if the __EGCS_CHECKED is added or removed.