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Fransiscus Herry Jan 6, 2010 - 7:47 PM

Dear Support,

I have created a dialog containing grid. I want to use drag and drop feature and try to override the OnGridOuterDragComplete(). However, every time i did a test drag and drop, the drag row info is accurate but the drop row info is not accurate, sometimes just not right. Would you be able to provide me some sample file so i can understand to implemented this to my application? At the moment i am using 2.64 version.

Please help me to get it right. Here is the code:


void CMyExtGridWnd::OnGridOuterDragComplete(

        const CExtGridHitTestInfo &htInfoDrag,

        const CExtGridHitTestInfo &htInfoDrop



    CExtGridWnd::OnGridOuterDragComplete( htInfoDrag, htInfoDrop);

    //Information of the position of the data first position to the final destination

    CString fm;

    fm.Format("Info Drag = %i, INfo Drop =%i", htInfoDrag.m_nRowNo, htInfoDrop.m_nRowNo );



best regards,


Technical Support Jan 9, 2010 - 9:45 AM

The <property>htInfoDrop.m_nRowNo</code> contains the row number where the mouse button is released. You should analyze the CExtGridHitTestInfo::m_dwAreaFlags property for presense of the __EGBWA_NEAR_CELL_BORDER_*** flags to detect whether the drop position is before or after the <property>htInfoDrop.m_nRowNo</code> row.