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Johannes Schwenk Aug 14, 2008 - 6:13 AM



I`m using the Grid class from the Ado Recordset Edit example in my VC++ 8. Now i have the following Problems:


1) I can not really select cells. It seems to be not a problem of the styles, the "select" event seems to do somethinh wrong: When I have a cell with a checkbox style, and I change the status of the checkbox, my cell is selected (changes it’s color to selected color, select arrow is shown on the left outer column). But when I click on the cell without changing the checkbox status, or when my cell does not have a checkbox but a text, than nothing happens.


Can you tell me what is wrong?


2) I want to change the color of the whole row, when one of the cells is selected. In my last post, I got the answer that I have to overide the CExtGridWnd::OnGbwAnalyzeCellMouseClickEvent() function, and set the backcolor of the cells in the actual row. But how can I get the number of the actual row with the CPoint Value the functions gets?


Thanks for your Help,


Johannes Schwenk

Technical Support Aug 24, 2008 - 11:59 AM

1) We think the problem is that you may have not specified any selection type. Here are the corresponding types:

#define __EGBS_SFB_CELLS                               0x00001000L
#define __EGBS_SFB_FULL_ROWS                           0x00002000L
#define __EGBS_SFB_FULL_COLUMNS                        0x00003000L
Moreover you were able to select cells by clicking the check box because it was a bug. We fixed it.

2) It seems you want to implement the full row selection model with a custom selection color. You can do this in other way. First specify the __EGBS_SFB_FULL_ROWS grid style which sets the selection model when a single cell selection is interpreted as a full row selection. Then, using the CExtGridCell::BackColorSet method, assign a new background color for the cell when it is selected. You can use the __ECS_SELECTED flag for that.