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Nong Le Apr 24, 2007 - 11:59 AM


I am looking for a profUI window class which by default can support scroll bars. The functionality should be Similar to CScrollView class in MFC.
I notice there are few class in profui such as CExtScrollItemWnd, CExtScrollWnd, and CExtImageEditWnd. Which one I should use?

It is very easy to set Scroll size in MFC by calling SetScrollSizes(). Does ProfUI support same function call? ( I have not find this function in any ProfUI class)

Would you be able to provide an example?


Technical Support Apr 25, 2007 - 4:42 AM

The CExtScrollWnd class is similar to MFC’s CScrollView. The latter supports only the MM_TEXT device context mapping mode and it is convenient for coding scrollable controls. The image editor, color palette and all the grids in Prof-UIS (plain grid, tree grid, report grid and property grid) are based on this class. It is also used in the ZoomScrollBar and AviFrames samples. So we would recommend you take a closer look at these sample.
A CExtScrollWnd-derived class should implement only several virtual functions like OnSwGetTotalSize(), OnSwGetPageSize(), OnSwGetLineSize() and OnSwDoPaint(). This is enough to create a fully functional scrollable control.