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steven frierdich Feb 7, 2007 - 8:42 AM

I followed the steps in article about linking to a static version of the prof-uis library. At first the static library was a Static MBCS Debug. The application would link to the proper library, ProfUIS254smd.lib . In the application linking setting ProfUIS254smd.lib was inserted to link, and in the application used Use MFC in a Static Library. The prof-UIS library was crashing the application. Also the EXT_PROFUIS_STATIC_LINK_WITH_RESOURCES in the profuis header function was uncomment and to the application’s rc2 file was added
#if ( !(defined _AFXDLL && !defined __STATPROFUIS_WITH_DLLMFC__) )
    #include <Resources/resource.rc>
//#include "C:\opal\third_party\Prof-UIS\Include/Resources/resource.rc"
and to application’s preprocessor settings was added PROF_UIS_FORCE_NO_MANIFEST;__PROF_UIS_RES_2007_H
Prof-uis static library still crashed the programs as stated earliar.

Next I followed the article and changed prof-uis library setting to a Static MBCS Debug with MFC DLL Win32, and added __STATPROFUIS_WITH_DLLMFC__ to both the C++ and resource preprocessor settings, and changed the library to link to
ProfUIS254ymd.lib. When I went to recompile the application Automatically linking with Prof-UIS library: ProfUIS254smd.lib appeared.
How to I get the application not to automatically to link to the smd.lib and link to the ymd.lib?

Technical Support Feb 8, 2007 - 3:54 AM

Please configure your project to use MFC as a dynamic library.