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Pedro Ferreira Jan 31, 2008 - 2:09 PM

Hello all,
Can I easily enable the auto item selection in a Prof-UIS tree view when I press the keyboard key corresponding to a item’s first character?
For example if one of the items is "Sample" when I press the keyboard "S" key that item will be selected, assuming it is the first item starting with "S".
Many thanks in advance,

Technical Support Feb 2, 2008 - 1:18 PM

We will assume your question is related to the CExtTreeGridWnd class. This is not difficult to code in your project or to improve the tree grid’ source code and provide you with the update. Similar task is already implemented in all the grids in Prof-UIS 2.82 and demonstrated in the new FilteredGrids sample application where you can type text in the text filter menu and the grid window becomes filtered on the fly. In any case the solution requires additional discussing. First of all, this feature will conflict with automatic editing feature which allows you to start typing on the focused grid cell without activating its inplace editor window. If the default keyboard input will be used for automatic searching, then the automatic editing feature implemented in the current version of all the Prof-UIS grid controls should be turned off. Second, we think this on-the-fly grid searching and navigation feature should use some popup window which displays characters you have already typed and it also should display at least two buttons near the editor: Find Next and Find Previous. Third, it’s possible to search grid cells by text in vertical direction to up/down, in horizontal direction to left/right and in both directions using some pre-defined way for walking through grid cells. Fourth, in some cases it’s may be required to define some ranges for searching or skip some grid cells using user-defined conditions. Fives, there are over 40 grid cell classes available and not all of them are displaying at least some text. The CExtGridCellInplaceSlider class implements grid cell which looks like slider or like scroll bar common control. But it’s possible to search this cell by text which is current position value in the slider cell re-presented in form of string. Some other cells will not be searchable at all: CExtGridCellPicture and CExtGridCellCheckBox for instance. Most of the grid cells can be reviewed in the Grids page of the ProfUIS_Controls sample application. In any case, we can assume your message as feature request but we need to discuss details of what you exactly need in your real project.