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Robert Webb Jul 17, 2008 - 6:50 PM


There is stuff we want to use from the new VS2008 MFC feature pack, but also stuff we want to use from Prof-UIS.  Has anyone tried integrating the two?  They both draw their own stuff and handle themes their own way.  Ideally we would like to use MFC to handle themes and "take over" at the low level.  Is there a way to still use Prof-UIS for particular controls?  These controls would need to recognise any MFC theme changes.

I imagine the MFC feature pack is a major pain for Prof-UIS, with ribbon bars, themes, tabbed controls etc all now being available directly through MFC.  However, they can probably move faster than MS to build beyond that.  What I’d like to see is Prof-UIS embrace the new MFC stuff and yield to their themes, and build better controls upon the MFC ones.  It seems Prof-UIS’s grids are still an improvement.  One thing clearly lacking from any ribbon bar implementation is customization.  Not just the quick-access bar, but the ability for the user to create new ribbon tabs, groups, and arrange controls within them (eg drag groups/buttons from elsewhere onto the new tabs), and maybe the ability to tear-off ribbon groups, since currently ribbons don’t let you see controls from separate tabs at the same time.  Build this upon the MFC ribbons and it will be some time before MS catch up.

But I digress, what we will need very soon is a way to use the new MFC and Prof-UIS together.  Any suggestions?



[PS. Posting here until our maintenance has been renewed]

Technical Support Jul 19, 2008 - 12:47 PM

We didn’t saw tear-off UI items in MS Office 2007. Prof-UIS supports the tear-off menus but not the tear-off ribbon groups nevertheless our popup ribbon groups are displayed inside popup menus.

The ribbon controls in Prof-UIS are based on the tree data structure containing which consist of command nodes. You can re-construct this tree and re-assign to ribbon control. New tree may have some new ribbon tab pages, groups and/or buttons added and some removed.

All the control bars in Prof-UIS are true MFC control bars (CControlBar). This is also related to ribbon. The new controls in feature pack are not control bars. If they correctly support internal MFC messages related to true MFC control bars, then you should not come across with any problems while mixing Prof-UIS controls with feature pack.

In any case, feature pack is not pain for us like you said. But we are not going to develop any new classes derived from any classes from feature pack because we are not agree with their design and architecture.

You can count on our help if you will face with any difficulties.