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Wilhelm Falkner Apr 13, 2010 - 11:20 AM

Hi to All,

I use a MDI Doc/View application. Now I want to have the feature to create a "new horizontal/vertical tab group", like it can be done in VS 2003/2005/2008 or 2010. This means, when I have more than 1 doc open, I want to have 2 or more areas for viewing.

In other words, using the ProfStudio sample, i want to split the "ProfStudio child window". I need to have different views for different documents.

Can You show me, how to do?



Technical Support Apr 16, 2010 - 8:28 AM

We sent you an e-mail with FTP download information.

Wilhelm Falkner Apr 16, 2010 - 4:52 AM

Sound fine, tnx

I have tested now VC 2010 and have seen, that the requested feature is allready realized here. So I have two choices: 1) switch all my software to VC 2010 or 2) wait, till you have realized the feature. I would prefere solution 2), caused I have seen, I have to do a lot of modifications for VC 2010. In the first step your 2.88 seems to work at VC 2010, but not full tested, olny a short look.

My eMail for the pre-release of 2.89 is




Technical Support Apr 15, 2010 - 2:15 PM

You can drop us an e-mail so we will provide you with the Prof-UIS 2.89 pre-release version which supports two Visual Studio 2010 related features: full Visual Studio 2010 support and Visual Studio 2010 UI theme.

To say more correctly and more exact, the problem is not directly in the document/view architecture. The problem is in the standard MDI interface. The MDI client area window works like mini desktop for the MDI child frame windows. The splitter window with the tabbed containers inside is an absolutely different compound UI element. The only way to make the splitter with the tabbed group working with the standard MDI interface is to use some trick like this one:

1) Create the splitter window with the tabbed groups and place it over the MDI client area window.

2) Let the MDI client area window to be happy. Let it to think it’s occupying the central part of the main frame window. Indeed, it’s always will be covered by the splitter window with the tabbed containers.

3) Let the MDI client area window to be even more happy. It will contain MDI child frame windows inside it. It will manage its MDI child windows as it does this usually. The MFC frame work will not come across with anything unusually surprising.

4) Change the parent window of each view window. The original parent is the MDI child frame window. The desired parent is some tab page container window created as splitter pane.

This looks like should be compatible with any MFC classic toys. But, of course, this is just a theory. We need to try to implement it and debug everything supposed.

Wilhelm Falkner Apr 15, 2010 - 8:40 AM

As VC 2010 is released, I think you will very soon release your 2.90. right?

I’m happy to hear, that you will implement this usefull feature, but 99% of my code depend on the Doc/View architecture. Do you think, it is possible to extend it to Doc/View?




Some other word, I have to be say: I use now Prof-Uis for about 5 years in my products. You guys to a pretty ans phantastic work. And, from no other company I get this fast answering and competential support. Thank you!!!

Technical Support Apr 15, 2010 - 7:05 AM

Yes, 2.90 we think. We have the CExtTabPageContainerWnd class and it implements a tabbed window group like we need. We have the CExtSplitterWnd class and it implements a splitter window group like we need. Using the combination of splitter and tabbed containers will give us what your are looking for. But we should implement drag-n-dropping, context menus and state persistence features for such compound control. We also need to integrate this compound window container with Prof-UIS dynamic control bars demonstrated in the <span class="newgreen">SDI_DynamicBars</code> and <span class="newgreen">MDI_DynamicBars</code> sample applications. Please also note, this control will not support the MDI interface and MFC’s document/view architecture. This compound control is the coded from scratch UI solution which replaces the MDI interface - not extends it.

Wilhelm Falkner Apr 14, 2010 - 7:36 AM

What does DO-TO mean? 2.90? or later?

Or may be Ypu can give me some hints to implement this feature?




Technical Support Apr 14, 2010 - 6:48 AM

We are sorry this feature is not implemented yet. But it’s in our TO-DO list.