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leo feng Jan 8, 2007 - 11:13 PM

I Means to hold 2 values in one cell (one checkbox and one other value like as updown or File path ),but invoke GetStyle canaˆ™t display any change about __EGCS_CHECKED style in OnPgcInputComplete function when you select and unselect Additional checkbox

Suhai Gyorgy Jan 9, 2007 - 5:19 AM

It should work. I tested this on PropertyGrid Prof-UIS sample.
- I added this class in MainDlg.h, before CMainDlg class’s declaration:

class CMyPropertyGridCtrl : public CExtPropertyGridCtrl
	virtual void OnPgcInputComplete(
		CExtPropertyGridWnd * pPGW,
		CExtPropertyItem * pPropertyItem
		ASSERT_VALID( this );
		ASSERT_VALID( pPropertyItem );
		if (pPropertyItem->ValueActiveGet() != NULL) {
			DWORD dStyle = pPropertyItem->ValueActiveGet()->GetStyle();
			if ( (dStyle & __EGCS_CHECKED) == __EGCS_CHECKED )
- Change CExtPropertyGridCtrl m_PGC; to CMyPropertyGridCtrl m_PGC; in CMainDlg class declaration.
- Add one line in CStarButtonProperty_File contsructor in MainDlg.cpp:
	CStarButton * pStarButton // = NULL
	: CStarPropertyValueBase(
	ASSERT_VALID( pValue );
	pValue->ModifyStyle(__EGCS_CHK_CHECK|__EGCS_ICA_VERT_CENTER); // added this line
When running code and clicking on checkbox of file property, I can see the appropiate Checked/UnChecked lines appearing in VS Output Window. Try reproducing your problem in this sample or make a sample of your own to find out what’s wrong.