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Ed Nafziger Aug 20, 2008 - 12:51 PM

I am using a CExtControlBar as a docked resizable panel window, and I want it to dock inside the "client area" of a tabbed page, so that the area of the panel window is inside the tab page area, instead of being docked to the side of the main frame. The purpose is to avoid the tabs from being covered up by the panel window, if the panel window is resized too large. I would rather have the panel window only take up the space inside the tab page, so that whatever window/controls are in the tab page get covered up instead. Do I have to insert a frame window inside the tab page?

Technical Support Aug 21, 2008 - 1:30 PM

You should use dynamic resizable control bars (CExtDynamicControlBar) which are controlled by dynamic bar site subsystem (CExtDynamicBarSite). These bars can become tab pages inside the tab page container control created as main view window in SDI application (take a look at the SDI_DynamicBars sample application). They also can be switched into MDI child frame mode (take a look at the MDI_DynamicBars sample application). The dynamic resizable control bars (CExtDynamicControlBar) have more powerful features in comparison with simple resizable control bars (CExtControlBar):

  • Dynamic bars have Window Options button in bar caption. This button allows to switch state of the bar.

  • Dynamic bars support persistently floating state. This allows you to replace all the non-modal dialogs in your application with dynamic bars similar to Find window in Visual Studio 2005/2008.

  • As we said, dynamic bars supports tabbed/document state. This means you can create all the windows inside main frame window as children of dynamic resizable control bars and only some of bars may appear initially in the document mode.

  • The dynamic bar site allows you allocate/free any bar anytime at runtime. The existing bars will be saved at shutdown and restored at next start-up of your application. You can serialize bars of your CExtDynamicControlBar-derived types and even serialize your custom data related to each of bars.