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Gregor Jasny Nov 5, 2007 - 8:52 AM


How do I restrict a CExtControlBar to be a floating, non-dockable and fixed-size window?
The parent window is a CExtNCW<CFrameWnd>, CExtDynamicBarSite which contains some other toolbars.


Technical Support Nov 6, 2007 - 5:45 AM

We guess you need a control bar that behaves like a status bar. This window can be any type of window which handles the MFC’s WM_SIZEPARENT message. For instance, the CExtPropertyGridTipBar class implements a help tip window which acts like a control bar and takes up some space at the bottom of its parent window. You can see how the MFC’s WM_SIZEPARENT message is handled in the CExtPropertyGridTipBar::OnSizeParent() method. The CExtPropertyGridComboBoxBar class implements a combo box which is docked inside the property grid and takes up part of it at top. The property grid control acts and repositions its child windows exactly as the MFC’s frame window does. You can use any of its child controls as a ready-to-use window inside your main frame window. Please provide us with more details about your bar so we can help you.