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Andrej Kasa May 25, 2009 - 12:06 PM


I just upgraded from ProfUIS 2.84 to 2.85. However, I realized that my app .exe has increased in size of more than 3 mb (old exe size was 6.3 Mb, now it is 9.6 mb) without any changes done in my own code - the actual profuis lib file sizes when comparing to 2.84 are almost the same.

Can you please explan the reason for this? Since lib files in old and new are almost the same in size, why si there such a big increase in size if final exe? I know that you added a lot of new functionality, is it somehow possible for my exe to be around the size as in profuis 2.84? Or what approach do you recommend?




Andrej Kasa May 25, 2009 - 1:34 PM

the question 2 seems to be obvious, what I meant was if I can do all the exe size reducing parts in static versions as well or they are limited to only when I use profuis as a dll? or there is no difference, meaning what ever can be done in dll can be done as well when linking profuis statically?

when I switch to full version, I definetely need the possibility for my exe file to be max. the size as when building from profuis freeware (if smaller even better) but my final exe size should not be higher in full version as it is now in the freeware, so that is my concern.


Technical Support May 26, 2009 - 2:16 AM

If you are using Prof-UIS as a DLL, all the resources mentioned in our previous answer are kept as part of Prof-UIS DLL. So, all the resource size optimizations reduce the size of Prof-UIS DLL only.

If you are using Prof-UIS as a LIB, the Prof-UIS resources are inside the DLL or EXE module compiled by your project. They are included into the .rc2 file of your project. All the resource size optimizations in this case affect the size of your DLL or EXE compiled module.

Both freeware and full Prof-UIS versions have the same resources. The full version is more than two times rich with C++ components. So, the full version is larger than freeware. But, as we said, you can exclude everything unneeded and make the full Prof-UIS version is even smaller than freeware.

Technical Support May 25, 2009 - 12:49 PM

First of all we have new .../Prof-UIS/Include/ExtFormulaGridWnd.h and .../Prof-UIS/Src/ExtFormulaGridWnd.cpp source files containing enough large portion of source code. Second, we have new resources for the new geographic controls in the .../Prof-UIS/Include/Resources/ResGeoControls/ folder. These resources are included in the .../Prof-UIS/Include/Resources/resource.rc file:

// Resources for geo controls

#include "ResGeoControls\\ResGeoControls.rc"

If you don’t need geographic controls, then you can comment the lines of code above and your files compiled with Prof-UIS 2.85 will have much closer size to the same files compiled with Prof-UIS 2.84.
You can make your application even much smaller if you exclude other un-needed resources from the .../Prof-UIS/Include/Resources/resource.rc file.
Please also review the beginning of the .../Prof-UIS/Include/Prof-UIS.h file and uncomment lines like //#define __EXT_MFC_NO_FORMULA_GRID to remove source code of Prof-UIS components which are not used in your projects.

Andrej Kasa May 25, 2009 - 1:04 PM

currently I am using the ProfUIS 2.85 freeware but in the near future I am going to purchase your full licence. I need to everything link statically (my app has MFC linked statically and I need statical linkage for ProfUIS as well, so that is my environment I need to follow).

1) does what you have just written apply to the freeware version as well?

2) if I buy the full version can I even more decrease the size of my final exe, maybe even less as in profuis 284? I mean are there any limits what can I comment out so that I get the smallest exe possible? ideal would be that only components I use will be put into my final exe, all other skiped out - is that possible?




Technical Support May 26, 2009 - 2:13 AM

Yes, everything we wrote can be applied to the freeware version too. But the freeware is a lean version of the full one. The world maps for geographic controls really add size to compiled projects. But this size is completely in the resource section and does not affect startup performance.

Yes, you can make the full version even less than freeware and less than previous Prof-UIS versions. You can decrease the size two times if you exclude the Office 2007 resources but this will make the Office 2007 themes unavailable.