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Mark Lo Chiano Jan 18, 2013 - 11:19 AM

We have been using your library for a number of years (since 2.64) and really like it.    However, we have recently upgraded one of our applications to the latest version of the library ( 2.93) and have noticed two items  that we need to address.

1.  Our application always creates two mdi windows and it is important that we be able to force them to be placed side-by-side rather than one above the other.    I believe that we may have earlier modified version 2.84 to enforce this behavior, but can no longer locate where this modification was done.     Naturally, we do provide a standard wndow layout menu option to allow the user to change the layout (works fine), but we want to change the default behaviour when the two mdi windows are first created.

2. We have a number of menus that include icons that have different sizes and are having a layout issue when the menu is first displayed.   If the menu has small icons in the first several command then the subsequent commands that use larger icons do not reserve enough space.   As a consequence these later commands occupy the same vertical space as the initial commands and have their icons vertically truncated.     We rely on your standard CExtPopupMenuWnd::g_nMsgPrepareMenu notification to dynamically create menu if necessary.   Unfortunately, it appears that that message is only sent the 2nd->nth time that a menu is displayed.    What this means is that the 2nd->nth time that a menu is displayed, the layout is correct.    I guess this is really a long winded way to ask how we can get the g_nMsgPrepareMenu event when a menu is FIRST displayed.



Mark Lo Chiano