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Subject Author Date
DAN MAZILU May 21, 2007 - 2:34 AM


In DRAWCLI sample(also in other app’s custom or from samples), after print preview, click options(Print Setup), modify or not the options, click OK - crash...

Could you check if it is a general problem or it is specific to my system?

Thanks and Regards,

Technical Support May 21, 2007 - 9:27 AM

Please let us know which version of Prof-UIS exactly you are using for testing. We failed to reproduce this with v.2.70.

DAN MAZILU May 22, 2007 - 4:47 AM

We use v.2.70 of Prof-uis. It seems that this problem occur on Unicode build version the library.

Thanks and Regards,

Technical Support May 22, 2007 - 7:28 AM

Thank you for reporting this issue. But we came to conclusion this issue has nothing to do with Prof-UIS nor with MFC. It is specific for the Unicode version of the common print preview dialog. To avoid any crashes, we removed the print setup button from the toolbar in the print preview window by adding one line of code at the end of the CExtPPVW_Printable::OnInitializePrintPreviewToolBar() method:

void CExtPPVW_Printable::OnInitializePrintPreviewToolBar()

. . .

////////////////////// BEGIN: THIS LINE WAS ADDED
      m_pWndPP->m_pPpvWndToolBar->RemoveButton( m_pWndPP->m_pPpvWndToolBar->CommandToIndex( ID_EXT_PPV_SETUP ), FALSE );
////////////////////// END:   THIS LINE WAS ADDED

      if( m_pWndPP->m_bPpvUseZoomScrollBar )
            VERIFY( m_pWndPP->m_pPpvWndToolBar->InitZoomScrollBar() );
            if( m_pWndPP->m_pPpvWndToolBar->m_wndZoomScrollBar.GetSafeHwnd() != NULL )
                  m_pWndPP->m_nPpvMagnifyLevel = (UINT)m_pWndPP->m_pPpvWndToolBar->m_wndZoomScrollBar.GetScrollPos();
We will enable the print setup dialog there when the solution is found.