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Eugene Rassohin Jan 24, 2008 - 9:51 PM

Sorry for my not so well English, I’m from Russia, Far East :-)
I need your help.
My project’s MFC MDI application.
I need to set again main menu from MDI-view window by selecting menu item of document menu. Then I should return document-menu by activating child frame.
I dont know how do it :-\

Technical Support Jan 26, 2008 - 8:44 AM

The MFC framework manages menu changing automatically. But this depends on if the document/view architecture is used in your project or not. So, we have two MFC cases which are also applied to Prof-UIS based applications without customizable toolbars and menus. The third case is when customizable toolbars and menus are used. In this case, all the menus and toolbars are stored as command trees based on the CExtCustomizeCmdTreeNode objects inside the CExtCustomizeSite class. In all three cases, you should not do any specific things for changing the content of menu line. The main frame window handles the WM_MDISETMENU message and other WM_MDI*** messages and performs the updating of the menu automatically after new MDI child frame creation and destruction or after switching active MDI child frame. Please provide us with more details about your task and your project.