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Cheryao Yang Feb 19, 2008 - 1:55 AM

Dear support:

I use the Professional UI v2.6 and what I need is a way to change the height of a row.
I search previous discussion about this issue and find following answer.

wndGrid.OuterColumnCountLeftSet( 1L, false );
wndGrid.OuterColumnWidthSet( true, 0L, 0 );
CExtGridCell * pCellHeaderAtLeft =
ASSERT_VALID( pCellHeaderAtLeft );
pCellHeaderAtLeft->ExtentSet( 50 );

But, after add above code the grid row height still not change.
Why? Any suggesstion?

Thanks in advanced.

Technical Support Feb 20, 2008 - 6:17 AM

This is fixed in v.2.82. If you have an older version, then you should use a HTREEITEM row handle to specify the row height:

HTREEITEM hti = ...
CExtGridCell * pCell = (CExtGridCell*)hti;
      pCell->ExtentSet( . . . );
With v. 2.82 you can also use the approach described above if there are no outer header columns inserted into the tree grid window. If at least one outer header column is present, then the header cells are used for storing row heights. It’s possible to customize this behavior of the tree grid window in v.2.82: the CExtTreeGridWnd::OnTreeQueryPlainGridModeVeticalLayout() virtual method returns true if the row heights are stored in header columns or false if they are stored in row handles.