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Rado Manzela Feb 8, 2007 - 7:10 AM

I’m new to prof-ui so I apologize if this is too newbie question :)
I’m trying to create my own view class (CTabView) derived from CExtTabWnd class. When I create it in SDI application as the only view it seems to be working. But when I use static spitter control (just 2 rows), m_split.CreateView(1,0,RUNTIME_CLASS(CTabView),size,pContext); asserts in the wincore.cpp line 320 (Visual studio 6.0 MFC).
What can be the problem ? If this class is not designed to be used as view, which one is good for this ? (tab hosting child dialogs).
I’ve also tried CExtTabPageContainerWnd with the same result. Other classes works when I derive view class from them (grid, combobox).
Thank you!

Technical Support Feb 8, 2007 - 8:58 AM

The CExtTabWnd class (and the set of derived from it classes) implements the tab control which behave like line of tab items. The CExtTabPageContainerWnd class (and the set of derived from it classes) implements the container window for set of child windows called pages and one tab window used for switching selected page window. So, you should use tab page container inside your splitter. The assertion can be caused by invalid tab page container initialization in your project. You can send us your project to the support mail box at this web site and we will clarify what’s wrong (we typically need a stripped version of customer project which contains UI-related code only demonstrating the problems).