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himanshu joshi Jan 15, 2007 - 6:31 AM


I have certian Ids which i want to put inside RibbonNodeGallery.
What i have done is create a RibbonGroup and inserted into it
pRibbonGroup->InsertNode(NULL,pNodeQuickStyles); where

CExtRibbonNodeGallery * pNodeQuickStyles =new CExtRibbonNodeGallery( 12345, NULL, 0, _T("Quick\nStyles") );
pNodeQuickStyles->m_nTpmxAdditionalFlags |= TPMX_RIBBON_RESIZING;
pNodeQuickStyles-> = g_PaintManager.GetPM()->UiScalingDo( 58*4, CExtPaintManager::__EUIST_Y );
//pNodeQuickStyles->RibbonILE_RuleRemoveEntriesByILV( true, true, false );
CArray < DWORD, DWORD > & arrRule_QuickStyles = pNodeQuickStyles->RibbonILE_RuleArrayGet();
arrRule_QuickStyles.InsertAt(0,__EXT_RIBBON_MAKE_RULE_ARRAY_ENTRY(    ( __EXT_RIBBON_ILE_MIN + 3 + z ),( ( 76 * ( z + 2 ) ) + 16 ),false    ) );

How to add Ids inside Gallery?

Thanks in Advance

Technical Support Jan 15, 2007 - 1:23 PM

The ribbon gallery is a type of toolbar button designed for using in the ribbon page and ribbon bar. Only the entire ribbon gallery has its own identifier. The gallery control inside the gallery button is not based on identifiers. It is based on the two level tree data structure. The toolbox window was used as the base control for the implementation of the gallery control. So, you should operate with top level category indices and item indices inside each category. If the gallery control is displaying plain list of items, then it contains single category item with zero caption height.

himanshu joshi Jan 15, 2007 - 9:59 PM


Thanks for the advise .Could you show it how to do it programmatically in the code i listed if i want to display plain list of items.


Technical Support Jan 19, 2007 - 3:20 AM

This is demonstrated in the CMyRibbonBar::OnRibbonGalleryInitContent() method in the RibbonBar sample. This method simply initializes gallery controls for gallery buttons. The CExtRibbonGalleryWnd gallery control is an improved and adopted version of the CExtToolBoxWnd toolbox control. So the CMyRibbonBar::OnRibbonGalleryInitContent() method simply initialize toolbox items.