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himanshu joshi Jan 22, 2007 - 5:20 AM


I am having Prof-Uis 2.62 version .
In the Src folder ExtRibbonBar.ccp one function is present CExtRibbonBar::setbuttons
which does not include the method _RecalcPositionsImpl() at the end of it.
Is this the reason that my OnRibbonGalleryInitContent function is not called whenever i run the application at the start?

Even after using SetButtons method i am explicitly calling _RecalcPositionsImpl() it doesn’t call OnRibbonGalleryInitContent from _RecalcPositionsImpl().

Your help is much appreciated

Technical Support Jan 22, 2007 - 12:02 PM

The ribbon bar is a very extended and adopted version of toolbar. It contains toolbar buttons for the selected tab page only. When you are changing the selected tab page, the buttons are created again. So the content of the ribbon gallery control is initialized using the OnRibbonGalleryInitContent() virtual method only when it is about to be displayed. Besides, the ribbon gallery controls in pop-up menus and in pop-up ribbon groups displayed from collapsed ribbon group buttons are cloned copies of the ribbon galleries from the selected ribbon page. The cloned copies of gallery controls are initialized using secondary invocations of the OnRibbonGalleryInitContent() virtual method. So your application should keep the data for displaying in galleries separately from the ribbon bar control and fill the gallery controls with the data when ribbon bar requests this.