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Do Park Feb 13, 2007 - 3:02 PM

Hi. I got an application error message while Prof-UIS Integration Wizard was building Library for Visual Studio 2005 (Win32 Platform):

- ProfUIDLL - Win32 ANSI Debug project
- Outputs ProfUIS262nd.* files
- ANSI/Debug configuration

I wanted to build all the libraries for Visual Studio 2005 Win32 Platform.
Also, I tried to compile the library manually with the following link:

/ Start / All Programs / Prof-UIS Library / Workspaces / Solution for Visual Studio 8.0 (2005) - Win32 Platform

But this trial showed me the same error message. Then, The Visual Studio 2005 was terminated.

And I have one more question.
After I installed Prof-UIS 2.6.2 and used the Integration Wizard, I found that VC++ Directories of Visual Studio 2005 was removed.
Then, I should enter those manually.

Please help me on this ASAP.

Do Park Feb 14, 2007 - 8:04 AM

Thanks for your answer on my second question.

What do you think on my first question (Application Error) ?

Because of that error, I can’t make the libraries of Pro-UIS on my computer.

Do you have any idea on this ?

For your reference, my computer has Microsoft Windows XP 64 bit with AMD Processor.

Also, can I download the libraries from your website instead of building those at your customer’s computer ?


Technical Support Feb 14, 2007 - 9:05 AM

There is no problem with Windows XP x64, which is fully supported. The problem is that if you have an East Asian version of Windows or you have set your locale to some East Asian language, then you may have problems when compiling Prof-UIS Unicode resources with complex languages like Chinese. This rarely occurs if you are using Visual Studio 2005. We are not sure but this may be a bug of VS 2005. Anyway, we will have to redesign the resources of Prof-UIS to avoid this problem.

There are two workarounds at the moment:

1) Change the locale to English in the Windows settings, compile Unicode configurations and then return to our native locale back.
2) Let us know which configuration you are using so that we can compile the library and upload the dlls and libs to our ftp site (please contact us via email in this case).

Technical Support Feb 14, 2007 - 5:27 AM

It seems some Windows versions may work incorrectly with Unicode INI files. The settings of Visual Studio 2005 are stored in the following INI file in Unocode format:

C:\Documents and Settings\***YOUR*WINDOWS*LOGON*NAME***\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\VisualStudio\8.0\VCComponents.dat

The Integration Wizard modifies this file and adds paths to Prof-UIS folders to the Include/Library/Source folder list. When the WritePrivateProfileStringW(). API is applied to VCComponents.dat, it sometimes gets empty. We encountered this problem both with Prof-UIS Integration Wizard and Microsoft Platform SDK installer.

You can easily restore the settings. The original file (before the Wizard gets its work done) can be found in one of the folders in C:\Program Files\FOSS Software Inc\Prof-UIS\Support\BACKUP\. So just copy this file back to where the Visual Studio 2005’s VCComponents.dat resides. Please note you can add paths to Prof-UIS’s Include, Src, and Bin_800 folders manually to the folders list in the Visual Studio 2005 settings (Include/Source/Library).

Suhai Gyorgy Feb 14, 2007 - 6:23 AM

When I encountered the same situation, I could not find the mentioned folder BACKUP. That is probably because by the time I realised that the .dat file has been changed, I already closed the Wizard and thus the BACKUP folder did not exist anymore. Since my original .dat file didn’t have any special (manually added) folder, I could solve the problem by closing VS, deleting messed-up .dat file from the folder mentioned above (Documents and Setting...) and restarting VS. The original settings were created in the .dat file again, and I could manually add ProfUIS paths.