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Forums » Prof-UIS General Discussion » Anchors not working for controls on CExtResizableDialog within CExtTabPageContainerWnd Collapse All
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Vincent Wong Mar 15, 2007 - 6:48 AM


I have the following setup: I have a parent CExtResizableDialog, into which I place a CExtTabPageContainerWnd control. Each page of this control is another CExtResizableDialog instance. For each page, I’ve created anchors for the child controls, in the hope that the controls will move/resize properly.

When I resize the parent window, the CExtTabPageContainerWnd control resizes, as does the inner CExtResizableDialog page - I’ve confirmed that the client area of each page changes. However, despite adding the anchors in the OnInitDialog() function of each page, the controls fail to move/resize with the page. What might be going on here?

Jumping the gun a bit... I’ve had a look at the ProfUIS_Controls sample, and specifically at CPageTabContainers::OnInitDialog(), where the parent dialogue actually sets up the anchors for the page. I then noticed the calls to SubclassDlgItem(), called for each control on the page. Is this the key to it? If so, how does this mechanism work exactly?

I tried making similar calls, along the following lines:

m_themeSettingsPage.m_gridColours.SubclassDlgItem(IDC_GRID_COLOURS, &m_themeSettingsPage);

but this crashes, as m_gridColours already has a hWnd - it has already been created by the page dialogue: I’ve created a custom control using the Dialog Editor, then called DDX_Control() to create the CExtGridWnd.

Could you suggest the best way for me to achieve correct sizing of the page controls?



Vincent Wong Mar 16, 2007 - 3:14 AM

Thanks for the reply.

Found the problem! The parent dialogue defined WindowProc(), handling the WM_PAINT message to paint the dialogue background a custom colour. For all other messages, I was calling CDialog::WindowProc(), not CExtResizableDialog::WindowProc(), completely bypassing the drawing of resizable controls. Slap on the wrists for that one...

Technical Support Mar 15, 2007 - 2:25 PM

Subclassing has little to do with the anchoring algorithm. First please check if AddAnchor() methods are actually invoked. Then please check whether the page dialog is created as a child of CExtTabPageContainerWnd. If you have the same problem after that, please send us a project that demonstrates the problem so we can help you.