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Moon SangBae May 26, 2009 - 10:59 PM


Before the Purchasing. I want to assure that wanted features is work


There is 3 Questions.

I think below snapshot is helpful

Question 1.

Ribbon Ui has contextual button. But I can’t find the click event.

there is no click event that available to edit.

I want to assign a action when I click the contextual button.


Question  2.

When I add the button In the RibbonTabPage. The first button is always Big.

I want to add small button that has a row in the RibbonTabPage


Question 3.

In my project. the RibbonTabPage has some space at the bottom.

I want tabpage to has no space at the buttom


it’s all.

please reply for this.

Technical Support May 27, 2009 - 8:05 AM

Thank you for your interest in Elegant Ribbon.

1) It is unclear what you mean by ’contextual button’. Do you mean a contextual group tab that is colorized and located in the title bar?

2) You should set the button’s informativeness fixed level to SmallImageWithText or SmallImage. The following article can be helpful with this regard:

Adjusting Adaptive Layout

3) Could you provide a picture illustrating which part of the RibbonTabPage you want to cut off.

PS Could you repost the screenshot because the its link seems to be broken.