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Oliver Rogall May 6, 2011 - 5:40 AM


I have a simple test application with Elegant.Ui 4.0 which loads and saves the state of QAT with the PersistentStateManger.Load and PersistentStateManager.Save. I noticed that the created file have always only one line included:

<ElegantUIState SerializationVersion="1.0" />

I do some investigation and decided that the designer doesn’t write an ID for the Ribbon. When I set the field id with

this.ribbon1.Id = "6DC36EE8-8C81-4F08-88F7-CC951046B33C";

I get valid files for QAT:

<ElegantUIState SerializationVersion="1.0">   <ObjectState ObjectId="6DC36EE8-8C81-4F08-88F7-CC951046B33C">     <ObjectStateValue DataObjectType="Elegant.Ui.RibbonPersistentState" Minimized="False">       <QuickAccessToolbarPersistentState QuickAccessToolbarPlacementMode="AboveRibbon">         <QuickAccessToolbarControlsIds>           <QuickAccessToolbarControlId Id="eb3f1018-f717-4a60-b83c-0b820458ba6a" />           <QuickAccessToolbarControlId Id="5601c4a7-63b6-4870-b83f-924d5886a4f8" />           <QuickAccessToolbarControlId Id="b26023d0-2ebc-40d5-ab70-cd530e6c7650" />           <QuickAccessToolbarControlId Id="2a0466dd-15f2-4d82-91a8-de7bd6d787a0" />           <QuickAccessToolbarControlId Id="924a4952-265a-4ec2-93b0-13e477cfb144" />         </QuickAccessToolbarControlsIds>       </QuickAccessToolbarPersistentState>     </ObjectStateValue>   </ObjectState> </ElegantUIState>

Best regards

Oliver Rogall

Technical Support May 6, 2011 - 11:28 AM

Thank you for the bug report. The fix for this issue will be available in the next version.