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Gunter Avenius Jun 2, 2008 - 1:13 AM


I create a Dropdown and a Separator with Code (vb2005, Elegant Ribbon 3.0)

I cannot create a Separator with Text?

My Code:

        ’Create DropDown

        Dim ribbongroup As Elegant.Ui.RibbonGroup = Me.RibbonGroup1

        Dim ribbonDD As New Elegant.Ui.DropDown


        ribbonDD.Text = "My DD Label"

        ribbonDD.Name = "MyDDId"

        ribbonDD.Informativeness.FixedLevel = Elegant.Ui.RibbonGroupButtonInformativenessLevel.SmallImageWithText

        ’ Create PopUpMenu

        Dim pPopUp As New Elegant.Ui.PopupMenu

        ribbonDD.Popup = pPopUp

        ’ Create Items to Menu

        Dim newButton1 As New Elegant.Ui.Button

        newButton1.Text = "New Button1"

        Dim newButton2 As New Elegant.Ui.Button

        newButton2.Text = "New Button2"

        Dim ribbonSep As New Elegant.Ui.Separator






        ribbonSep.Text = "New Text"

        ribbonSep.Name = "sepTest"

        ’ Next Line > ERROR

        ribbonSep.Informativeness.FixedLevel = Elegant.Ui.PopupMenuSeparatorInformativenessLevel.SeparatorWithText

What´s wrong?

Thanks for your help


Technical Support Jun 2, 2008 - 4:33 AM

The same control can have different informativeness types in different contexts depending on the container control it belongs to. In this case, due to performance issues, the menu was not fully initialized and informativeness type was undetermined. The same problems we came across in the VB.NET Designer. That’s why we developed an alternative way to set the informativeness level. Try the following code instead of the last line:

ribbonSep.InformativenessFixedLevel = "Elegant.Ui.PopupMenuSeparatorInformativenessLevel:SeparatorWithText"
This should help. Thank you.

Gunter Avenius Jun 2, 2008 - 6:36 AM


Thanks, that helps.

Best regards