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Version 1.3 - November 1, 2006

Release Notes

This release includes several new features requested by our customers. Some minor bugs were fixed.

What's New

  • Added ExportToTabDelimitedText, ExportToHtml, ExportToExcel methods to the grid GridControlBase class, which allow you to export data from the bound, unbound and virtual grid to a file or a stream in the following formats:
    • Tab-delimited text
    • HTML table
    • Microsoft Excel XML workbook
  • Added an article on exporting data from the grid.
  • Added an Export demo to the SimpleDemos sample.
  • Added a set of classes and properties implementing the functionality of a header column: RowHeaderColumn, EnableRowHeaderFocusMarker and EnableRowHeaderCellEditingMarker properties of the GridControlBase class and RowHeaderCell, RowHeaderCellStyle, ColumnHeaderRowHeaderCell, ColumnHeaderRowHeaderCellStyle, RowHeaderColumn classes.
  • Added a cell tooltip. You can turn on tooltips for cells by setting the GridControlBase.EnableCellExpandTip property to true. If you hover the mouse pointer over a cell whose text does not fit inside its area, a tooltip with the cell text shows up.
  • Added a BoundGridControl.ExpandGroupRowsAfterGrouping flag indicating whether group rows should be expanded after being regrouped.
  • Changed the signature of the BoundGridControl.EnsureVisibleVerticallyByDataSourceItem method, which now returns the Row object that has become visible.
  • Added two BoundGridControl.StartCellEditByDataSourceItem overloaded methods, which allow you to start editing a cell by a given data source item.
  • Added BoundGridControl.UseEnterToTraverseRows property indicating whether hitting the Enter key should set the focus to the cell in next row and the same column.
  • Updated the documentation to reflect the changes made to the API.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug in the GridControlBase class when Tab strokes were not correctly processed when the UseTabToTraverseCells property was set to true.
  • Fixed several bugs with scrolling, sorting and grouping.
  • Fixed several bugs in sample applications.
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