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Version 1.1 - June 16, 2006

Release Notes

The first final version introduces complete documentation, several new features, and bug fixes.

What's New

  • Added Luna Blue (see screenshot) and Obsidian (see screenshot) built-in skins like those available in Microsoft Outlook 12 Beta.
  • Added a Column Auto Fill feature which changes the width of each column when the grid window is resized. You can specify how column widths are changed relative to each other by using their weight ratios (the FillWeight property).
  • Added a set of properties and an event that allow you to disable selection for particular rows:
    • AllowRowSelection property enables/disables the selection of all rows
    • AllowGroupRowSelection property enables/disables the selection of all group rows
    • AllowSelection property enables/disables the selection of a particular row in the unbound grid
    • AllowRowSelectionNeeded event allows you to enable/disable the selection of a particular row in the data bound grid
  • Added a GroupRowExpansionChanging event which allows you to populate a group row with child rows dynamically when it expands or collapses
  • Optimized code to increase the speed of the unbound grid.
  • Now all the assemblies have strong names so that they can be installed into GAC.
  • Added a licensing system.
  • Added a Puzzle Game sample which shows that you can write even a game using the flexibility provided by the Elegant Grid.
  • Added Multithreading and Search grids in the Simple Demos sample.
  • Added complete documentation including frequently asked questions and articles.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug when the context menu could not be invoked for the grid on a form in the Windows Forms designer.
  • Fixed lots of other bugs.