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Martin Soriano Aug 7, 2012 - 2:16 PM

I’ve an Unbound Grid with 5 columns one of them’s a checkbox one and depending on conditions in other too could b enabled to edit or not

The problem’s when condition’s true it works and become non editable but when condition’s false nothing happens and remain AllowEdit false even if code’s executed

If Not (e.Cell.Column Is ColumnMes Or e.Cell.Column Is ColumnAnio) Then
End If

Dim _Row As Elegant.Ui.Grid.DataRow
_Row = e.Cell.Row
Dim _CellMes As Elegant.Ui.Grid.Cell
Dim _CellAnio As Elegant.Ui.Grid.Cell
_CellMes = _Row.Cells(ColumnMes)
_CellAnio = _Row.Cells(ColumnAnio)
Dim _Fecha As Date
_Fecha = "01-" & _CellMes.DataValue & "-" & _CellAnio.DataValue

If _Fecha <= _Row.Cells(ColumnFUltimoCierre).DataValue Then
_Row.Cells(ColumnIncluir).DataValue = False
_Row.Cells(ColumnIncluir).Style.AllowEdit = False
_Row.Cells(ColumnIncluir).Style.AllowEdit = True
End If