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Elegant Grid

Scrolling, Focus and Selection

Controlling the focused item

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The Elegant Grid gives you full control over the focus. The grid control's FocusedCell property allows you to get or set the cell which is focused at the moment. The FocusedCellColumn property gets or sets the column that specifies the focused cell in the focused row. You can get or set the focused row by using the FocusedRowIndex property. The FocusedCellChanged event may also be helpful.

The bound grid control provides some additional functionality for managing the focus. You can get or set the data item (in the data source) displayed in the focused row by using the FocusedDataSourceItem property. The FocusedDataSourceItemIndexChanged event allows you to track changes of the currently focused data bound row. There are also two auxiliary read-only properties provided to ease access to the bound data displayed in the focused cell: FocusedCellDataValue and FocusedCellDisplayValue. The first property returns the focused cell data value and the second one returns the focused cell display value.

For the unbound grid control, you can use the FocusedRow property gets or sets the focused Row object.