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Ribbon Bar and Ribbon Page

How to disable fade-out menu animation in CExtRibbonBar and CExtRibbonPage?

You should set the following two properties to zero:
CExtPopupMenuWnd::g_nDefaultFadeOutAnimationStepCount = 0;
CExtPopupMenuWnd::g_nDefaultFadeOutAnimationEllapse = 0;

How to remove the Options button from the File menu in the ribbon?

When initializing the File menu, you should remove the TPMX_RIBBON_OPTIONS_BUTTON flag from the CExtRibbonNode::m_nTpmxAdditionalFlags property of the CExtRibbonNodeFile object that represents the File menu.

pRibbonNodeFile->m_nTpmxAdditionalFlags &= ~(TPMX_RIBBON_OPTIONS_BUTTON);

You can find an example of initializing the File menu in the RibbonBar sample (see CMainFrame::_InitRibbon_FileMenu()).

What is the difference between the ribbon bar and ribbon page?

The ribbon bar (the CExtRibbonBar class) is inherited from the ribbon page (the CExtRibbonPage class) and has the following additional features:

  • It is a container for ribbon pages.
  • Tab for each ribbon page so that you can switch between pages using tabs.
  • Quick Access toolbar (QATB).
  • It is tightly integrated with the non-client area of the frame window.
  • One or more buttons (e.g., Help) to the right of the rightmost ribbon tab.
  • Top-leftmost File button.

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