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Non-Technical Questions and Answers

Is there any difference between Prof-UIS Freeware and Prof-UIS (the full commercial version)?

The freeware version lacks some features available in the full version (you can learn about the differences at In other words, some classes are just excluded and this means that Prof-UIS Freeware is fully compatible with the full version. Any application that was initially created with Prof-UIS Freeware can be recompiled with the full version without any additional efforts.

Although, Prof-UIS Freeware is powerful toolkit itself, getting a license to the full version leads to tangible benefits like:

  • many more features not available in Prof-UIS Freeware
  • full source code for both the library and 40+ samples
  • can be used for any purposes including developing commercial products
  • immediate availability of all updates, intermediate and major releases
  • guaranteed technical support
  • bug fixes

I plan to purchase a license to Prof-UIS. Do you limit the number of users I am allowed to distribute Prof-UIS dll files according to your license agreement?

The END-USER LICENSE AGREEMENT FOR PROF-UIS does not restrict the number of users to whom you can distribute Prof-UIS dll files. But please note that you cannot distribute the source code of Prof-UIS.

Does Prof-UIS come with full source code?

Both Prof-UIS and Prof-UIS Freeware include full source code. Complete source code of all sample applications is also available.

Am I allowed to use source code of your samples in my applications?

You may use the source code of any sample available in Prof-UIS without any restrictions.

You say that all your products are royalty free. What does this mean?

Having purchased a license to any of our products, you can freely distribute you applications that use our binary components (dlls). You will not be charged any additional fees.

If you have any questions, please visit our forum or contact our technical support team at