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Dockable menu bar

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The Prof-UIS menu bar provides many additional features not supported in MFC:

  • Menu bar can be docked to any side of the main frame window or be floating anywhere on the screen (see Figure 1)
  • Rarely used menu items can be initially hidden and shown after clicking on the chevron button or after a short delay (see Figure 2)
  • Enhanced system menu, which is supported for the main frame window, MDI child windows, and dialogs (see Figure 3, Figure 4, and Figure 5)
  • Full compatibility with the OLE client/server technology, which means supporting OLE VERB menus for OLE objects (see Figure 6)
  • Pop-up menu is automatically scrolled when the menu height is greater than the screen size (see Figure 7)
  • Support for the most recently used (MRU) file list (see Figure 8)
  • Support for the list of the currently open windows (see Figure 9)
  • Windows 2000-like balloon tooltip that appears when the mouse pointer is hovering over menu items (see Figure 10)
  • Ten animations for pop-up menus
  • Pop-up menu shadow, which is correctly displayed on all supported OSes including Windows 95 and Windows NT

MFC Prof-UIS menu bar: docked/floating states

Figure 1. Docked/floating states of the menu bar

MFC Prof-UIS menu bar: Expandable frequently/rarely used items

Figure 2. Frequently/rarely used menu items

MFC Prof-UIS menu bar: Prof-UIS system menu

Figure 3. System menu for the main frame

MFC Prof-UIS menu bar: Prof-UIS system menu

Figure 4. System menu for the MDI child frame

MFC Prof-UIS menu bar: Prof-UIS system menu

Figure 5. System menu for the dialog

MFC Prof-UIS menu bar: OLE objects VERB menus

Figure 6. Support for OLE Verbs in menus

MFC Prof-UIS menu bar: Scroll buttons

Figure 7. Scroll buttons

MFC Prof-UIS menu bar: Most recently used files list

Figure 8. Most recently used file list

MFC Prof-UIS menu bar: Currently opened windows list

Figure 9. Currently open windows list

MFC Prof-UIS menu bar: Windows 2000-like balloon tooltip

Figure 10. Windows 2000-like balloon tooltip