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Popular UI themes changeable on the fly

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Built-in UI themes allow your application to have the overall look and feel of popular Microsoft products including Microsoft Office 2007/2003/XP/2000 and Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 (see Figure 1).

You can change the current theme on the fly with one line of code. For example, if your application is based on the ribbon interface, you can apply the Office 2010 Black theme (see Figure 2) using this line of code:

// Sets MS Office 2010 Black theme
g_PaintManager.InstallPaintManager( RUNTIME_CLASS(CExtPaintManagerOffice2010_R2_Black) );

All the painting work is performed by the global paint manager component. This provides perfect theme consistency for all available controls and makes adding new GUI themes and styles easy.

GUI themes

Figure 1. GUI themes

Office 2007 Silver theme on Windows Vista

Figure 2. Office 2010 Black theme on Windows 7