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Formula grid

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The formula grid (represented by the CExtFormulaGridclass) implements an Excel-like speadsheet (see Animation 1, Animation 2, Animation 3 and Animation 4) which allows you to manipulate numerical and string data in rows and columns of cells. A value in a cell can be calculated from a formula which can involve other cells. The Prof-UIS formula grid supports the following features:

  • on-the-fly formula evaluation
  • syntax highlighting formula editor with auto complete pop-up list boxes
  • highlighted and editable cell ranges
  • rich tool tips
  • named ranges
  • sparse data provider
  • standard copy, cut, paste commands compatible with Microsoft Excel, Open Office Calc and text editors
  • delete selection and clear formatting for any cell ranges

Prof-UIS Formula Grid 1

Figure 1. Formula Grid 1

Prof-UIS Formula Grid 2

Figure 2. Formula Grid 2

Prof-UIS Formula Grid 3

Figure 3 Formula Grid 3

Prof-UIS Help Formula Grid 4

Figure 4. Formula Grid 4