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Oct 05, 2015 /  Elegant Grid 4.5 Released!

Version 4.5 - October 05-th, 2015

Release Notes

Version 4.5 is a regular release with new features and enhancements. All known bugs are fixed.

What's New:

  • Added support and tested for compatibility with Microsoft Visual Studio 2015.
  • The samples are updated to illustrate the new features.

Bug Fixes:

  • Form will not allow move when maximized: when the application is maximized it can not be moved (it is a forms application and has a main form: maximize the form, and grabbing the top of the form and click dragging does not have the form minimize and move as it normally does).
  • Fixed some other minor bugs.
Sep 27, 2015 /  Prof-UIS
Now is the time to update to the Prof-UIS MFC C++ revision library. It has been tested by many of our users and most of the kinks have been worked out. Your App will look great with one of the new Prof-UIS Themes. The Themes are really sharp, crisp, bright and cheery. Send us an email with your product in one of our new Themes. We would love to see it.

Now that Microsoft has included the MBCS in Visual Studio 2015 its time to update with Prof-UIS, Windows 10, and Visual Studio 2015. Download your copy now!

We have started a blog, called TechBlog at This is a blog for all of our coding products.

Release updates and improvements are:

  • The 200 percent Scaling option was tested and activated.
  • There were a number of problems reported that are resolved by resetting the registry. These problems occur when the Prof-UIS library revision or when the App scaling changes.  In our ProfBlog we show an example of the code to resolve this problem. All of the Samples now contain this code.
  • Another ProfBlog entry provides the suggested coding change to activate automatic menu scaling.
  • We will be providing coding updates and examples of coding practices in the TechBlog.
  • We have readjusted the Tab colors for Office 13 and Windows 8 Themes for more contrast.
  • We have updated older projects; Visual Studio 2005, 2008.
  • We have made several minor code improvements.

The updates at this stage are evenly split between library changes and information on how best to use the library.

You can find the entire list of changes on the Version History page.
Jun 30, 2015 /  Prof-UIS 3.20
Announcing the Release of Prof-UIS MFC Library Version 3.20!

The Prof-UIS Version 3.20 is out just in time to allow you to be compatible with Microsoft Windows 10 and Visual Studio 2015.

Microsoft is releasing Windows 10 and Visual Studio 2015. They have indicated Visual Studio 2015 will provide support for Android and for IOS X products. These capabilities have an expected time line of before the end of 2015. What an exciting time. These features should allow your products to move into the Android and IOS X areas. We are positioning Prof-UIS to support that movement.

Release 3.20 includes the following improvements:
  • Windows 10 Compatible
  • Visual Studio 2015 Compatible
  • Many beautiful,  modern Themes, 20 plus
  • Improved scaling for Tablet operation
  • Improved multiple monitor operation
  • All issues corrected
  • Many additional Improvements
Remember, as a previous customer you will receive a 30 percent discount on a one year subscription. If you need help getting this discount let know and she will help with the order processing.
The 3.20 samples provide the new Themes. Take a look,  we are sure you will be excited.

You can find the entire list of changes on the Version History page.
Prof-UIS C++/MFC revision 3.20 is downloadable from the Prof-UIS web site at Prof-UIS Download
Nov 21, 2014 /  The Prof-UIS Newsletter 2014-11-21
Prof-UIS Website Updated

The website has been updated to handle double opt-in email subscriptions. The subscriber logic has been re-coded. This will allows us to communicate more effectively with you. It will provide you with the information you need and not bother you with information you don't want.

Improved Prof-UIS Support Times, 2 days Average

The Prof-UIS support team is proud to announce that support response times are down to 2 days. However some time is lost in gathering sufficient information to solve the problems.
When turning in a support item remember to include:
* What version of the Library your are using
* The character type you are using.
* The mode, DLL or Library.
* The Operating System: Windows 7 ,8 etc.
* The Visual Studio Version Used.
* A description of the problem
* Screen shots if approprate.
Even with this information it maybe necessary to provide a demo project that illustrates the problem. Make the Demo using the Sample Projects if possible.

Licensing Update

We will be dropping the 90 day maintenance offering due to the expected rate of change to the libraries during 2015. The libraries will remain backward compatible, but they will be expanded to meet the changing market conditions.

If you are a 90 day library support customer you should buy now, as this offer will go away December 1, 2014 or, with special permission Dec 31st for budgeting or corporate process considerations.

Purchase Now


The MFC 3.020 release is about to enter the Beta mode. It will feature:
* Expanded Themes that greatly improved App Apearance.
* Several Maintenance Items.
* Slightly Improved Language RC's.
* Expanded older code compatibility, VS 2005 - VS 2008.

The site has two additional sites that provide information and products. We are adding a tech blog called to these sites. is the site where the Prof-UIS help and support blogs are moving. is home to the TSELLC Wizards. View CodeWizardsPro to see the wizards due for release. This next group of Wizards concentrates on Automatic Application Translations.


Oct 23, 2014 /  Prof-UIS / TSELLC’s IntegrationWizard 3.00 Beta is released for downloading

Prof-UIS / TSELLC’s IntegrationWizard 3.00 Beta is released for downloading. Click here to download. We would appreciate all feedback, good, bad, or indifferent.

The Integration Wizard is a Program Wizard that allows you to:

  • Build any library configuration available in Prof-UIS
  • Set library paths in Microsoft Visual Studio Environment Variables
  • Add Prof-UIS Application Wizard to Microsoft Visual Studio for generating start-up applications.

To see a more complete description view click here. is the help and support site for the Prof-UIS family of products.

The Integration Wizard 3.00 is changed slightly from previous versions. The Help integration has been removed. The ProfLibs website contains over 6000 pages of Prof-UIS MFC Library help files that have been indexed by Google. This provides a much better resource than the older Help systems. The Prof-UIS AppWizard which is included in the Integration Wizard as a section has also been updated.

May 20, 2014 /  Prof-UIS 3.01
Prof-UIS announces the release of its MFC library revision 3.01. The major feature of this maintenance release is the improved DPI aware capabilities. The Library is Windows App Store compatible. There is a prototype section with samples that provides a backstage app, a skin app, and a hide-able desktop app.

Release Notes:
  • Version 3.01 is an upgrade release.
What’s New:
  • Microsoft App Compliant
  • Improved DPI Aware
  • Graphic DPI Scaling is improved.
Bug Fixes:
  • All submitted bugs are fixed. There are some in where we are waiting for a sample of the error.
Mar 20, 2014 /  Release of the 4.3 Elegant Libraries
Prof-UIS announces the release of the 4.3 elegant Libraries. Release 4.3 features the new Office 2013 themes, 12 in all.  The Samples have been updated to illustrate the new features. The libraries have now been tested with Visual Studio 2013.
Mar 10, 2014 /  TSELLC has agreed to manage the Prof-UIS .NET products
TSELLC has agreed to manage the Prof-UIS .NET products, Elegant Grid and Elegant Ribbon. After TSELLC’s success with MFC Libraries our collaboration has been extended. The contacts will be the same.,
Nov 27, 2013 /  Prof-UIS 3.00

Prof-UIS announces the release of Version 3.00. Release 3.00 adds Windows 8.1 and Visual Studio 2013 capabilities. Several bugs have been fixed and the code has been thoroughly re-tested. All support issues that were the result of the library have been resolved

You can find the entire list of changes on the Version History page. Prof-UIS C++/MFC revision 3.00 is downloadable from the Prof-UIS site at Prof-UIS Download

May 23, 2013 /  Elegant Ribbon and Grid 4.3 Released!

Release Notes

Version 4.3 of Elegant products is a regular release with new features and enhancements. All known bugs are fixed.

What's New

  • Added the following new visual Office 2013 themes: AzureWhite (see screenshot), AzureLightGrey (see screenshot), AzureDarkGrey (see screenshot), GreenWhite (see screenshot), GreenLightGrey (see screenshot), GreenDarkGrey (see screenshot), OrangeWhite (see screenshot), OrangeLightGrey (see screenshot), OrangeDarkGrey (see screenshot), RedWhite (see screenshot), RedLightGrey (see screenshot), RedDarkGrey (see screenshot).
  • Added support and tested for compatibility with Microsoft Visual Studio 2012.
  • ComboBox control now has the MultiColumns mode (see screenshot). This feature is demonstrated in the Controls sample.
  • The samples are updated to illustrate the new features.
  • The documentation is updated.

Bug Fixes

  • Keytip was not shown when Alt or Shft+F10 combination was used and a TextBox or a ComboBox was focused within the ribbon.
  • FormFrame buttons worked incorrectly in some cases when FormFrameSkinner.AllowGlass was set to false.
  • FormFrame top border was not updated when windows mode was changed.
  • Fixed some other minor bugs.
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