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Version - April 26, 2017

Prof-UIS’s ProfMFC Version Release Notes


Release includes the following improvements:
  • Windows 10 Compatible
  • Visual Studio 2017 Compatible
  • CacheableGrid is integrated in ProfMFC sources
  • New demo to show usage of CacheableGrid
  • High DPI to 4K scaling capability detained
  • Many beautiful modern Themes, 20 plus
  • Some Corrected Bitmaps for the Themes.
  • Improved multiple monitor operation
  • All issues corrected
  • Many additional Improvements
There are a number of improvements in Version The first being Visual Studio 2017 compatibility. The few minor compatibility items have been fixed. The compile of all of the libraries configurations only showed on very insignificant warning.

The ProfMFC Library version features Virtual Grids. The Virtual Grid allow quick access to a virtual unlimited number of cells. In the 32 bit compile mode this is up to 2 Million plus Cells and in the 64 bit mode has no practical limit to the number of cells.

Version also provides high definition scaling up to 4K. This allows the Library to be compatible with the newer high definition screens that are coming on to the market.

All of the errors that have been reported, and there were just a few, have been dealt with.