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howard liu Sep 5, 2008 - 9:35 AM


I have implemented prof-ui advanced tool bar for the user interface of my application. There are atleast 2 tool bars within each of the interface. I had actually wanted to fix (non-dockable type) the tool bars and have done so by using following line of code 

  CExtControlBar::g_bLockAllBars = true;

When i am logged in as administrator in my system the application’s user interface has these two tool bars fixed  as expected by the above line of code.It also does not permit the user to rearrange the toolbars (as expected). 

When i am logged in as the normal user in the system the two tool bars move up and down whenever I click on the interface. Though I am not able to move/dock physically the two tool bars using the grippers, the two tool bars move up and down of its own whenever i click on the user interface

The tool bar docking behaves differently when loged in administrator mode and normal user mode in the system .







howard liu Sep 8, 2008 - 10:09 AM

Our further testing shows the same behaviour in administartor or normal user mode. Sorry for the confusion on this condition (admin/normal user)

The behaviour is I have two seperate tool bars in a user interface (primary tool bar appears on the top and secondary appears below in the second row - this requirement).

After applying  CExtControlBar::g_bLockAllBars = true;

the tool bars are physically non-dockable by the user as expected but when i close and open the user interface the primary and seconday tool bars appear  in the same row. The primary tool bar is for the text and the secondary tool bar is for the graphix. When i click on the graphix pane within the user interface the secondary tool bar (that of graphix) comes back to the second row below the primary tool bar.

So the behaviour is on opening the interface the primary and secondary tool bar appears on the same row and when clicked inside the interface the secondary tool bar moves down. However the tool bars are physically non dockable by the user




Technical Support Sep 9, 2008 - 12:10 PM

We guess you should lock all the bars using the CExtControlBar::g_bLockAllBars = true; code but you should invoke it earlier initialization step. Please note Prof-UIS does not save/restore the CExtControlBar::g_bLockAllBars flag value. If you are able to change control bar position using mouse, then this flag is false.

Technical Support Sep 6, 2008 - 1:18 PM

Please give us more info about toolbars behavior when you are not logged in as the administrator. These toolbars can change their positions only if they are enabled for redocking and the user drag-n-drops them or when the frame window size has changed.