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Hans Bergmeister Jul 15, 2007 - 6:08 AM


with Prof-UIS 2.70 we encounter the following repaint problem:

Built one of your samples, e.g. PageNavigator, in release mode.

Run the sample.

Drag another window (e.g. the Windows Explorer) over the surface of the sample.


Repainting takes places with a certain delay. If you manage to drag the other window (here the Explorer) over the surface of the sample smoothly and without stopping, you will be able to prevent the sample from being repainted accordingly for a few seconds (!) and until the other window leaves the area of the main window of the sample completely.

Technical Support Jul 16, 2007 - 1:32 PM

Non-smooth painting effects may appear only when the Office 2003 and newer paint managers are applied. This is caused by compound gradient painting algorithms implemented in the Prof-UIS paint manager components. Of course, some components are fast when some components are heavy so the CPU speed is important. We tried the sample on AMD Athlon 3000+. The entire painting is not slow and we believe the problem is not so critical.

Hans Bergmeister Jul 17, 2007 - 4:04 AM


some additional information:

The following has been tried with the PageNavigator sample:

While "wiping" a foreign (!) window (e.g. the windows file explorer) over a child window of the sample (e.g. the CExtPageNavigatorWnd window), then this window may not receive a WM_PAINT message for several seconds.

This does NOT occur, when the "About Box" of the sample itself is "wiped" over the window. In this case everything looks perfectly.

This problem occurs only with the Office 2007 theme, but not with other themes (especially not with the Office 2003 theme).

Thus I cannot completely agree with your response. First only Office 2007 seems to be affected (and not "Office 2003 and newer" as you stated in your response) and second and much more important: if this were actually caused by compound gradient painting algorithms, then the problem would occur also, if an owned dialog box (e.g. the "About Box" of the sample itself) is being "wiped" - do you agree?

There must be something specific in the Office 2007 theme, that prevents child windows like the CExtPageNavigatorWnd and other child windows from receiving WM_PAINT messages, while a window of another (!) application is being "wiped" over it.

Hans Bergmeister Jul 17, 2007 - 1:36 AM


there seems to be a misunderstanding: in the sample we sent to you by email we managed to prevent the sample from being repainted for more than 30 seconds.

Thus, the actual problem is not, that painting is slow, but that it doesn’t take place at all (!) in certain situations.

we believe the problem is not so critical.
Well - this is "only" a visual effect. But the reasons to use Prof-UIS are also "only" visual. In a product, where improving the visual appearance is the main purpose, every visual problem can be "critical".

We tried the same with some CODEJOCK samples. They do NOT show this problem! May I take your answer as that you are happy with the status quo?