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Jeremy Richards Jul 29, 2008 - 3:37 PM

Normally you can enter custom characters by holding ALT then typing a code on the numeric keypad.  For instance to type a degree symbol (°) you press Alt and type 248 on the numeric keypad and then release ALT.  When you release ALT, a WM_CHAR message is generated with WPARAM=0x000000b0 and LPARAM=0xc0380001 (the flags in the LPARAM can vary).  This can be done with many different codes to generate symbols you cannot normally type.

However, when using Prof-UIS something goes wrong.  The WPARAM=0x0000003f which is the code for question mark.

I have verified that this is a problem both in my application and ProfStudio child window of the ProfStudio workspace. 

Actually in the ProfStudio workspace, typing Alt+248 will type a question mark in the main child window.  If you try to type it in any of the combo boxes that are embedded in the toolbars of ProfStudio, then the application will ASSERT instead of typing a question mark (null pointer assertion).

In my workspace, this seems to happen in all windows except for children of CDialogs (not necessarily CExtResizableDialogs, which I am not currently using)

Is this something you are aware of?  Is there any workaround?  We have customers who rely on being able to do this for custom character entry.