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tera tera Jun 16, 2009 - 8:37 PM


When version improved in Prof2.87 from Prof2.85

Please teach all the virtual functions that an argument was changed

I am troubled with the repair of the existing program.

An argument is a changed example as follows.

    virtual bool OnGbwBeginEdit(     LONG nVisibleColNo,     LONG nVisibleRowNo,     LONG nColNo,     LONG nRowNo,     INT nColType,     INT nRowType,     const RECT & rcCellExtra,     const RECT & rcCell,     const RECT & rcInplaceControl,     bool bContinueMsgLoop = true,     __EXT_MFC_SAFE_LPCTSTR strStartEditText = NULL ,   HWND hWndParentForEditor = NULL     );

Technical Support Jun 18, 2009 - 1:19 PM

No, the HWND hWndParentForEditor parameter appeared in the CExtGridWnd::OnGbwBeginEdit() virtual method in Prof-UIS 2.85.

The version 2.85 has improved grids and a new CExtFormulaGridWnd grid control. The new HWND hWndParentForEditor parameter appeared because the grid controls in 2.85 allow you to create the in-place grid cell editor windows outside the grid control. Please take a look at the new FormulaGrid sample application. The formula grid cells can be edited in-place in it. But the formula bar at the top of the formula grid contains the same formula editor. This formula editor inside formula bar activates the same editor via asking the focused grid cell to create its editor as child of the formula bar window – not child of the grid window. This is possible due to the new HWND hWndParentForEditor parameter in the CExtGridWnd::OnGbwBeginEdit() virtual method. And this is introduced in 2.85 - not in 2.87. And here is the 2.85 version history:

It contains the following text:
Added a hWndParentForEditor parameter to the OnInplaceControlCreate(), OnGridCellInplaceControlCreate() and OnGbwBeginEdit() methods of the CExtGridBaseWnd class. This allows you to create the in-place cell editor window outside the grid window.

tera tera Jun 17, 2009 - 7:49 PM


>This parameter appeared in Prof-UIS 2.85 and we described this improvement in the version history


It was changed between 2.87 from 2.85

It is a virtual function.

Is the offer of the document difficult?   

Technical Support Jun 17, 2009 - 9:15 AM

This parameter appeared in Prof-UIS 2.85 and we described this improvement in the version history.