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Torsten Schucht Oct 29, 2009 - 9:39 AM

I am creating a CExtComboBox dynamically:



CExtComboBox* pCombo = new CExtComboBox();

pCombo->m_bEnableAutoComplete = false;

pCombo->m_bEnableAutoFilter = true;

CRect Rect (110, 50, 300, 200);



pCombo->Create( uStyle, Rect, this, 12);

pCombo->ModifyStyleEx(0, WS_EX_NOPARENTNOTIFY);

pCombo->SetFont( CFont::FromHandle( (HFONT)::GetStockObject(DEFAULT_GUI_FONT) ) );


I am unable to make the filter popup list appear while typing. I compared my dynamically created control versus one created via resource. The resource one works just fine. I debugged the dynamic combo box and found out that in the method




HWND hWnd = ::GetWindow( m_hWnd, GW_CHILD );


The hWnd is NULL which prevents m_wndInnerEditHook from being subclassed. Which than later in


the inner edit control is NULL and the filterlist is not shown.

Is there anything I need to add to my dynamic creation to make this work?




Technical Support Oct 30, 2009 - 2:35 PM

Thank you very much for your test project. It helped us to fix this issue. Please update the source code for the following method:

CEdit * CExtComboBoxBase::OnQueryInnerEditCtrl() const
      ASSERT_VALID( this );
CEdit * pEdit = NULL;
DWORD dwWndStyle = GetStyle();
DWORD dwComboBoxType = dwWndStyle & 0x0003L;
      if( dwComboBoxType != CBS_DROPDOWNLIST )
            ( const_cast < CExtComboBoxBase * > ( this ) ) -> OnSubclassInnerEdit();
            if( m_wndInnerEditHook.GetSafeHwnd() != NULL )
                  pEdit = (CEdit *)&m_wndInnerEditHook;
      return pEdit;

Torsten Schucht Nov 2, 2009 - 9:59 AM

Thanks for the fix. It works just fine!!

Torsten Schucht Oct 30, 2009 - 3:44 AM

Thanks for the information. Unfortunetly that didn’t help. I have created a very simple sample application, which contains a dialog with one dynamic combobox and one created from a resource. The one created from the resource behaves in the way I would like to have the dynamic one.

I’ll send you the zipped solution via email.

Technical Support Oct 29, 2009 - 2:27 PM

Your combo box is not based on the CBS_HASSTRINGS style. The CExtComboBox class does not know which text lines should be displayed in the filter popup list box.