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Forums » Prof-UIS Tech Support » loose mouse cursor in CExtPageNavigatorWnd Collapse All
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Borremans Pierre Oct 9, 2009 - 1:51 AM

I use a CExtPageNavigatorWnd in a CExtControlBar. All is correct but when I go over the button to change the pane, I lost the mouse cursor. What can I do to recover the mouse cursor ?

Borremans Pierre Oct 13, 2009 - 7:54 AM

I debug the file extpagenavigator and I see in the function _createHelper, m_hHandCursor had no value but the m_hSizeCursor had a value

Technical Support Oct 13, 2009 - 10:43 AM

The standard hand like cursor is not available on older Windows versions. That’s why we are using the IDC_EXT_HAND hand cursor from the Prof-UIS resources. If your project uses Prof-UIS as DLL, then this cursor always can be loaded successfully. If your project uses Prof-UIS as static library, then you should include Prof-UIS into the .rc2 file manually. Please take a look at the .rc2 files in any of Prof-UIS sample projects and you will find the following lines:

#if ( !(defined _AFXDLL && !defined __STATPROFUIS_WITH_DLLMFC__) )
            #include <Resources/Resource.rc>

Borremans Pierre Oct 13, 2009 - 6:41 AM

Can I overload a function for solving my problem ?

Technical Support Oct 13, 2009 - 10:41 AM

Which function would you like to overload?

Technical Support Oct 12, 2009 - 12:36 PM

Could you create a simplest possible test project reproducing this issue and send it to the support mail box at this web site?

Borremans Pierre Oct 12, 2009 - 6:44 AM

I comment all setcursor() (we don’t use setcursorpos) but nothing change. It’s very strange beauce when I click on a button the pane change. With a release  version on another computer we have the same problem

Technical Support Oct 10, 2009 - 5:00 AM

First of all, please check all the invocations of the SetCursor() API in your project. Prof-UIS never sets empty cursors and nobody reported such problems yet.
Second, please check all the invocations of the SetCursorPos() API in your project. Probably something moves cursor programmatically far outside the page navigator in your application. Only the splitter control in Prof-UIS changes the cursor position but we are sure it’s OK and splitters are not used by resizable control bar and page navigator control.
Third, check this problem on several computers. It’s always possible you are using some system wide hook based software which affects to this problem.