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Wilhelm Falkner May 31, 2012 - 11:42 AM


what can cause nodes to become inactive on left pane of BSV?

To make the question more clear: All nodes, that have an Icon and a direct Cmd are active and working. All nodes, that has to do some action in BSV, e.g. show an new pane, are inactive. Also when I click on them by mouse, they do not come highlighted.

If I take a look at the content, created with OnRcgwGenerateContent, it seems (?) to be ok, at least I find my "subpanes" in it. When I call RcgwTreeItemSelectionDelay in one of them, the subpane is display right, but all elements at this page are inactive.

What do I wrong? What can cause this behavior? Pls help



Wilhelm Falkner Jul 19, 2012 - 4:13 AM

I have solved the problem: The bug is NOT in the HTML part, it is in

BOOL CMainFrame::OnCmdMsg(UINT nID, int nCode, void* pExtra, AFX_CMDHANDLERINFO* pHandlerInfo)

normal the last lines of this fuction has to be

    // otherwise, do default handling

    return CExtNCW < CMDIFrameWnd > :: OnCmdMsg( nID, nCode, pExtra, pHandlerInfo );


But this code produce the bug. If I change it to

    // otherwise, do default handling

    CExtNCW < CMDIFrameWnd > :: OnCmdMsg( nID, nCode, pExtra, pHandlerInfo );

    return TRUE;


How should we users find this bug? NO hint in Your documentation, NO support from Your side


Technical Support Jul 5, 2012 - 10:12 AM

Backstage view content is HTML. The visibility of HTML parts is defined only by CSS properties and HTML element sizes. You can insert your backstage view content into the RibbonBar sample project and send it to us. This will let us check what’s wrong.