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Nilesh Yeolekar Jun 5, 2007 - 5:33 AM

I have a code like
CMenu tempCmenu;
//after this I m creating different popups depending on criteria

then, I use somethinkg like this...

CMenu* pMenu = pFrameWnd->m_wndMenuBar.GetMenu();
//here m_wndMenuBar is of CExtMenuControlBar. I m creating menubar with wndMenuBar.Create()

pMenu->InsertMenu(nPos, MF_POPUP | MF_BYPOSITION, (UINT)tempCmenu.Detach(),

Now, I want to use CExtPopupMenuWnd instead of CMenu to update the main menu and to redraw it so that I can insert one popup menu in the main menu bar

How do I do it?


Technical Support Jun 5, 2007 - 10:43 AM

You can modify the CMenu object returned by CExtMenuControlBar::GetMenu() only if your application is SDI because MDI applications constantly reset this menu. Finally, you should invoke the CExtMenuControlBar::UpdateMenuBar() method to see the changes.

Nilesh Yeolekar Jun 6, 2007 - 4:11 AM

We have a legacy application which uses CMenu to insert menu in the main menu.
code is like below

CMenu tempMenu;

//here we use AppendMenu to create various popup menus depending on the criteria.

then we use
CMenu* pMenu = AfxGetApp()->GetMainWnd()->GetMenu();

pMenu->InsertMenu(nPos, MF_POPUP | MF_BYPOSITION, (UINT)tempMenu.Detach(),

//tempMenu.Detach() returns a handle of popup menus created above so the main menu will have all the popups appended to it.

then we use

Now, we replaced our main menu with CExtMenuControlBar(m_wndMenuBar).

Now we use

CMenu tempCmenu;
CExtPopupMenuWnd * tempMenu = new CExtPopupMenuWnd();
tempMenu->UpdateFromMenu(GetSafeHwnd(), &tempCmenu);

Is this a correct way to do this?

//then we use, CExtPopupMenuWnd pointer tempMenu to create various popup menus like


//here we create popup menus like
for (i to n)
tempMenu->ItemInsertCommand(id, -1, sometext);

Now how can I use the created popup menus (ceated from CExtPopupMenuWnd pointer tempMenu) to get appended in the main menu(which is of type CExtMenuControlBar?

How can I insert a menu(a popup menu created with CExtPopupMenuWnd) in a CExtMenuControlBar?

Technical Support Jun 6, 2007 - 8:28 AM

There is an article titled Constructing Menus Dynamically at Run Time. It should answer your questions. If not, please contact us again.