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howard liu Jun 24, 2008 - 7:12 AM


I have implemented prof-ui menu bars and prof-ui style advanced tool bars for the user interfaces of my application. When i right click on the empty non-client area near the menu bar or the advanced tool bar, I get to see popup menu. I would like to remove or make invisible these popup menus in the non client area. Is this possible.

Also i would like to hide the pop-up menu appearing from the click over the chevron buttons (near the arrows at the end) present on the advanced tool bars. Is it possible





Technical Support Jun 26, 2008 - 1:04 PM

To remove the window menu, you should override the following internal virtual method in your CExtMenuControlBar-derived class and simply return TRUE value instead of invoking the parent class method:

      virtual BOOL _TrackFrameSystemMenu(
            CWnd * pFrame,
            CPoint * pPoint = NULL, // NULL means calc menu track area automatically
            BOOL bSelectAny = FALSE,
            LPCRECT rcExcludeArea = NULL,
            UINT nTrackFlags = (UINT)(-1),
            BOOL bCombinedMode = FALSE
You can also modify or remove any of built-in Prof-UIS popup menus, which is described here.