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Hans Peter Miedeck Aug 26, 2008 - 7:35 AM


can you help me? I have to programm a gantt chart for my project. Do you have a subclass from CExtGridWnd which fits this problem?



Technical Support Aug 26, 2008 - 10:32 AM

Unfortunately we have no ready-to use chart control. But you could use the grid window to create the chart like you need. Some of columns and/or rows in the grid window can be used for text cells implementing headers and/or captions which let the user recognize data displayed on the chart. The rest of columns are allocated by chart cells. You probably need to code your own small grid cell class. Such a grid cell could paint part of each chart line. Some grid cells will be completely clear, some completely covered by chart lines and some only partially covered on left/right. So, each grid cell should know which part of which chart line it represents. The CExtGridCell::OnPaintBackground() and CExtGridCell::OnPaintForeground() virtual methods receiving row/column numbers in parameters. So, each grid cell knows where it’s located. You will need to compute an intersection of each chart cell with each line of chart before painting the surface of your small grid cell class. You will also need to decide which range of data is covered by each column in the grid window. This data range can be optionally configurable parameter of the chart control based on our grid control. We can help you with coding such control or even code it for the next Prof-UIS version if you provide us with more details about it.

Hans Peter Miedeck Aug 27, 2008 - 2:38 AM

Dear Support,


I need only a control like the Timeline by Windows Movie Maker. I would like to move or/and expand the bars in the x-axis but not in the y-axis.


Thanks for you offer to help me.