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Dominik Braendlin Nov 10, 2009 - 12:05 AM

Dear Tech Support,

While browsing the code I found that there is some richedit support in the CExtEditBase class. Unfortunately it seems not to be documented. What is it intended for and how could I use it?





Technical Support Nov 10, 2009 - 2:27 PM

The CExtEditBase class can subclass both a simple editor and a rich editor window starting from Prof-UIS 2.85. The CExtFormulaGridWnd formula grid control appeared in 2.87. It uses a rich editor based formula edit control activated as an in-place cell editor of formula cells. We used a rich editor for colorizing formulas. The colorized version of the CExtEditMasked masked edit control and new and colorized system number and system currency editors will appear in Prof-UIS 2.87. All these three edit controls are based on the CExtEditBase class and can work in both simple and rich edit mode. The same masked text, system number and system currency grid cells with optional rich in-place editors are also present in Prof-UIS 2.87. All the UI controls above can use rich editors but all of them use it internally. I.e. you never need to perform rich editor formatting. For instance, rich masked editor allows to specify colors for each validation rule, system number and currency editors allow to specify colors for each number part (whole numbers, fraction numbers, sign, fraction and group separator characters). That’s why we keep the rich editor related methods of the CExtEditBase class as internal. Besides they do approximately the same things as methods of the CRichEditCtrl / CRichEditView MFC classes - in the most cases they just send the standard EM_*** messages specific for rich edit control.