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Andrew Banks Jun 7, 2007 - 9:17 PM

I have 13000 rows for a report.

I call         
m_arrRegisteredItems.SetSize( numrows );
    VERIFY( ReportItemRegister( m_arrRegisteredItems ) );
where numrows is 13000

This is extremely!!!!! slow.

Fine, i will override it and put a progress control in so the user does not think I am a total fool.

Well, ReportItemRegister refers to m_pRGW wich is protected, so I cant override ReportItemRegister and put
a progress control in it..

class __PROF_UIS_API CExtReportGridItem : public CExtTreeGridCellNode
    CExtReportGridWnd * m_pRGW;
    friend class CExtReportGridDataProvider;
    friend class CExtReportGridWnd;

What can I do? Can you profile this and find out where it is so punishing slow? At 13000 rows and 5 columns, it is impossilve to use.


Technical Support Jun 8, 2007 - 6:00 AM

First of all, please check the performance in Release mode only because Debug mode is enough slow due to heavy assertion checks everywhere. If you want to implement the progress when filling the report grid with data, then you don’t need to override any virtual methods. We believe you should have some code like for( y = 0; y < 13000; y++ ) in your project where you can put the code updating the progress.